Hands in Action

Manos En Acción is an NGO based in Buenos Aires that works for human development and social inclusion of vulnerable children and families living in communities of Argentina struggling with poverty.   The first day as an intern for Manos En Acción, I worked at the “Casa de Rio Lujan” as my co- workers call it. This was the community center and workshop space for the families and children of Rio Lujan. The house was equipped with classrooms and a cafeteria that employed the mothers of Rio Lujan.   The children arrived quickly to a table of Mate and cookies. … Continue reading Hands in Action

Ni Una Menos

Last month we had the opportunity to participate in a protest at the National Congress about the violence committed against women in Argentina. Many of the protesters held signs with the faces of women and girls that had been killed at the hands of men who haven’t paid for their crimes. I couldn’t help but be reminded of the faces of Black individuals, such as Sandra Bland, Mike Brown, and Eric Garner, back at home who have also been senselessly murdered at the hands of those who refuse to acknowledge our humanity. As stated by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. “A … Continue reading Ni Una Menos

Space: It’s Personal

In the United States, the idea of personal space is one we view as a basic human necessity, a god-given right guaranteed to us and one to protect at all costs. Over the years through which our culture has developed, we’ve created a very definite set of social rules that govern the spaces immediately around us, intricately detailing the proper etiquette for where to stand in crowded elevators to whether or not to sit next to someone on an otherwise empty public bus. Then, to enforce these rules, we form imaginary bubbles that encase us for the sole purpose of keeping … Continue reading Space: It’s Personal

I Found the Black People!

During my first weekend in Buenos Aires, my roommates and I decided to venture out to La Casa Rosada, or the Pink House which is the equivalent to the White House in the US. After walking around a bit, and quickly discovering there was little else to do without a reserved tour, we looked around to do some more exploring and low and behold there was a huge outdoor artisan market (also know as la feria de san telmo) right across the street. The sun was shining, music was playing, and the street was abuzz with activity as we walked … Continue reading I Found the Black People!

Aventuras en Bici

In the US, going into the office on a Saturday is usually seen as a dreaded injustice against those who find themselves dragging themselves out of bed on a day meant for relaxation and fun after a long week of work. But for me, going to my internship at Amigos de la Tierra on a Saturday meant a day of exploring the city. Every few weeks Amigos de la Tierra, an environmental organization in Buenos Aires, has a Bici, or a bicycle, tour around the city involving nature, food, and fellowship. On Saturday it was just my supervisor, Natalia, and … Continue reading Aventuras en Bici